Pacific NorthWest Historical Group

WWII Reenacting:

As President Franklin D. Roosevelt said over 60 years ago, "...December 7, 1941 -- a date which will live in infamy -- the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked..." The attack on Pearl Harbor marked the entrance of the United States into one of the greatest conflicts in modern history: World War II.

Now, over 60 years later, the Pacific Northwest Historical Group aims to learn about, reenact, and recreate the lives of the soldiers that fought for their countries on the beaches, forests, jungles, and deserts of the world. The PNWHG is looking to the future, of reliving the past.

wwii anti tank gun

WWII reenacting in the PNWHG is comprised of many individuals looking to study the role that the individual played during WWII. While academic historians do an excellent job at capturing the totality of causes, triggers, and events. Reenactors such as those in the PNWHG strive to learn about the soldiers that got the job done: what they wore, what they ate, how they slept, who they were, and what their experiences may have been like. Reenactors in the PNWHG carry authentic WWII weapons, wear clothing manufactured to 1940s specifications, eat like soldiers might have during the war, sleep in foxholes or barracks, march in the cadance and style of the era, and live like a WWII soldier.


In addition to the reenactors of WWII, we also have members who are reenacting the Vietnam War by protraying soldiers of the US 1st Cavalry Division during the 1960s.